Fery On The Move: Feeding the Elephants at Indalu Game Reserve

Fery On The Move: Feeding the Elephants at Indalu Game Reserve

The Heaven on Earth! Coming back from the Garden Tour we have decided to stop at Indalu Game Reserve for one night. It was the best we had from all the Garden Tour adventure. When we got there the host Gerard was extremely welcoming and made us feel like part of the family. After the check in formalities we went with his 4X4 car to our accommodation. While in the car we could see the superb animals on the reserve and it was just breathtaking. I was with my mouth literally open all the way wondering if is real or I am watching Animal Planet. From the graceful Impalas to the majestic Elephants and precious Rhinos we have spoiled our eyes with images to last forever as something that happens maybe once in a lifetime.

Once we arrived to the lodges where we stayed in I can say I was speechless because I didn't expect to be so away from everything, in a bush area surrounded by river normally but this time no water because of the dry weather. After I have checked the room, the kitchen and the barbecue area I had a feeling of complete gratitude to the Universe for giving me the chance to live such a moment.

An authentic African life with a great taste for decoration and a very clean place. The electrical power is solar and there is a back up generator. The bathroom has a supply of water and the rooms are very cosy and big. In a room you can fit 4 people easily. There are just two self catering lodges and the kitchen is big enough and completely utilised. We bought some chicken wings, corn and even marshmallows for the barbecue and it was easy to prepare the fire, we had enough wood prepared from the owner. The night was splendid and I could watch the stars from the hammock. Priceless!

In the same day we had the Walk with the elephants and we interacted with the elephants in their natural environment. We met 3 of the elephants and their caretaker. Walking alongside the elephants, the guides shared with us more interesting facts about the history of the herd, diet and behaviour. After the walk we fed the elephants and took photos. Gerard was very nice to take photos for all of us.

I was really impressed to see how good are treated the animals on the reserve.I remembered when I was in Sri Lanka and the elephants we went to interact with in a reserve were bleeding because they were forced to carry the visitors. Here the Indalu Game Reserve difference was huge and the elephants had a great treatment.

On the way back I was the lucky one to take the seat at the very front of the hood of his car and I could watch everything so clearly.

All my respect to Gerard and his team and hopefully in future I can visit them again and enjoy a coffee on their Caffe, now being just a project.

I definitely recommend you to try at least once this experience!

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