Fery On The Move: My experience at The Twelve Apostoles Spa

Fery On The Move: My experience at The Twelve Apostoles Spa

Spa Time helps to reduce stress hormone levels, improves blood circulation sending more nutrients to the body and cells, stimulates the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins, releases serotonin and makes you feel good, relives chronic pain situations like arthritis and muscle spasms.

Cape Town is all about nature, relaxing time and when you feel exhausted some "me time" is a must to recharge your batteries and start all over again.

Yesterday I went to The Twelve Apostles Spa as I have received a gift voucher from my friends. Lucky me! I cannot afford going to such a Spa normally, but I had the opportunity to enjoy some good luxury spa’s at the hotels where I used to be accommodated while I was working as flight attendant and we had sometimes big discounts which we couldn’t avoid. Now I am lounging for the advantage of getting discounts almost everywhere. Sure, I can make the difference between a good spa service and a bad one and I want to share my feedback in order to make a change and be taken in consideration. My advice is to be true to yourself and if it happens to not feel good at a moment speak up and let the therapist know your wishes about the treatment. If the therapist don’t ask you what is your concern and don’t give you a client details form to fill in to let them know what you’re looking for and what allergies, surgeries and other important events can influence the treatment, please tell them if you think is something important and they should know.

My experience started well, I was blown away from the entrance of the hotel. Very unusual design for a 5 star hotel but very african showcase and a friendly environment. We were treated with so much care and this is the forte point of the hotel: the people. The hotel staff makes that place “one of a kind” because they are very personal and genuinely interested in your experience. While I was waiting for my spa appointment we ask where we can drink something and the receptionist took us to the Leopard Bar- there I loved the design and the ceilings imitating the bamboo leaves which was the highlight of the bar. Here again friendly staff, wonderful view over the Ocean and the Lions Head. Just Wonderful!

I ordered a non-alcoholic drink called Pineapple & Vanilla Chai Iced Tea and it was a refreshing drink made with real vanilla sticks, not artificial flavour!

After a while I went to the Spa reception where I was shown my locker and there I had the robe, flip flops and a plastic cap. In the locker room I met a lady and I dared to ask how was her experience..she couldn’t wait to be asked! "It was fabulous" she said and continued ”I had a hot stone massage with my fiancee and I feel like I was born again!” that means she really enjoyed the time and I hoped I will have at least the same experience.

Melissa, a very nice therapist approached me while I was waiting in the lounge enjoying the wellness buffet they prepare for clients before the treatments starts. There are many options to go for, from cupcakes (probably gluten free) to fruits: passion fruits, pineapple, apples and some natural juices.

In 5 minutes I filled in the customer form with my details and she took me to one of the rooms and ask me to choose 1 stone from 3 stones placed on a tray. On each stone was written a word: peaceful, energised and delighted. She ask me to choose how I will like to feel after the treatment and my choice was peaceful.

She was professional and she listened to my request and even exceeded my expectations. Doing your job is a normal thing but few go beyond and do that little extra that makes the difference. The treatment took 75 minutes and I wished to be longer. I was peaceful after my spa experience and definitely I will comeback!

I hope my experience helped you out in finding your spa place!

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