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Fery On The Move: Top places to visit in Nusa Penida

Fery On The Move: Top places to visit in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an Island located 20km away from Bali, on the southeast coast. The Island is incredibly beautiful with many accommodation options, from bungalows to house trees and traditional houses. In order to enjoy every moment without rushing, I suggest you to stay 2-3 nights and explore every corner of this fantastic place.

Honestly, you can get there pretty easy from Bali without booking a tour. The easiest is to get to the seaside town Sanur(approx 30 mins ride from the international airport) and from there you can take a boat to Toyapakeh Harbour in Nusa Penida. The price for the boat varies: a public boat costs around 40K IDR (3$) and it takes 90 minutes, public speed boat costs 125K IDR(9$) and it takes 50 minutes and the private speed boat costs around 500KIDR(35$) and you can get there the fastest in 30 minutes.

Once you get to the island you will be welcomed and followed by many taxi and scooter drivers who will insistently offer you their services. I recommend you to negotiate the price and expect to pay for a day tour around the island not more than 500K IDR(35$) and to rent a scooter only 70K IDR(5$) /day.

The roads are good, but except the roads going to the main attractions as Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach and Atuh Beach. If you are not an experienced scooter driver I don't recommend you to go there by scooter. Unfortunately, the roads here are difficult, with many halls and you will be forced to get off your scooter and go by walk for a portion of the road.

There are many tour operators going to Nusa Penida if you wish to see almost everything in one day. Most of the Tour operators charge you 500K(50$), it takes around 6 hours and includes different sides of the island. For Kelinking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong and Crystal Bay you should take the western tour package. Depends on the tour operator you can add a snorkelling experience and other fun activities.

Let me tell you about my 3 favorite wanderlust attractions which impressed me the most in Nusa Penida:

Kelinking Secret Point Beach (Titelbild)

  • The highlight of the Island and in my top favourite places in the world. To get there is a challenge, but worthy reward. From the Toyapakeh Harbour it took us 50 mins driving the worst roads, extremely steep and slippery. The Island is beyond beautiful. You have to be there to understand the feeling which cannot be described fairly enough in any Instagram picture. The view is mind-blowing and I remember I was speechless for minutes. It was crowded with tourists taking photos from every corner of the enormous cliff in the shape of T-REX , surrounded by the bluest ocean water. Amazed, couldn’t hear anything, but the waves crashing into the cliffs. Without thinking too much, I went down the cliff regardless the warnings about the dangerous trail. There are many tourists up at the view point, but only few are hiking down the cliff to the beach. If you decide to go down and enjoy the beautiful beach view you will do it on your own risk. When I reached half way the step stairs constructed by the locals became even more difficult and narrow. The trail is hard and it takes around 1 hour to get to the beach. Going very early in the morning is better because when you climb back the sun isn’t that strong. Once you are down there at the beach, you completely forget about all the struggle and jump of happiness. The waves were very strong and I couldn’t swim, but I admired the beauty of the beach and the impressive cliff shape.

Broken Beach

  • Despite its name is not a beach, but a natural bridge, an incredible rock formation over the Indian Ocean. From Kelinking Beach you are half way to Broken Beach which is good to do them in the same day. It took us another 45minutes to go there. The roads are even worse than going to Kelinking beach. I had to get off of the scooter and walk a few minutes because of the huge rocks and very steep path. However, my memory will always be filled with the unique landscape of the bridge.

Atuh Beach

  • Atuh Beach is a stunning, peaceful beach to relax on the south eastern coast of Nusa Penida. The water is very clear and you are able to watch the Mantra Reys from the top before going down the stairs to the beach. There are few good Warungs where you can enjoy a fresh seafood and cold drinks.

Thank you for reading my post and if you find this useful please share it with other traveler souls!

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